Touching Every Emotion

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Mission Statement

To create unique and inspirational products which build pathways to community involvement and support for local charities. Our product is meant to evoke emotion and touch on social issues which are a part of society today.


There are many highlights to these cards. We support local charities and this year will be donating 2% of profits to Women in Crisis. The graphics and designs that you see on these cards were created by local artists that we employed. These cards are personalized and designed so that everyone will be able to find a card they can relate to. They can be given as gifts, collectible items or you can keep it for yourself as an inspirational reminder to go after your goals in life or create goals. The testomonials that you see on this site are from a focus group conducted at Kutztown University and local people who got a chance to read and see these cards. The feedback from the public was very positive. These poems are motivators that you can use to move forward in life. Some of our cards are a little on the darker side as a reminder of how raw reality can be. Last but not least this is something positive that is being created in a small town that we can be proud of.